Tim Haneckow

“Your customer service is some how even better then the equipment, your support has been wonderful, and all your extra help getting it online was incredible.”

Susan Weiss

FYI – I caught my criminal with your camera!!! She stole over 15k – unfortunately I will never get it back but at least I caught her!!!!!”

Bryn Thomas

“Rugged CCTV manufactures the most affordable,  stable and scalable digital system on the market. The customer support is immediate and thorough.”

Dr. Ken Lee

” Jon, your lead tech, is a super at tech support, best I have ever used! He diagnosed my Comcast cable modem as being the problem behind my remote viewing issue.”

John Brogan

“Your cameras are simply amazing. It’s easy to tell they are built by real engineers who understand quality and design. You have made me a customer for life.”